Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments in the Czech Republic! Wiki Loves Monuments is a photo contest dedicated to the cultual and historical monuments. In 2013 more than 15 countries supported the idea of the Wiki Loves Monuments contest – an idea from the Wikimeidia movement. This page will explain you how you can participate. As a databaze of cultural or historical objects the database of the  National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic will be used. You can upload the pictures from September 1st to 30th, 2013.


1)  The pictures have to be your own work;
2)  Only pictures released under a creative commons license are eligible.

Licence details:

Note that by releasing pictures under this license, they will be freely reusable by Wikimedia projects, and for every other person or organisation willing not to change this licence policy.

3) Only pictures which are uploaded during the month of September 2013 will be eglible. There are no other criteria necessary regarding when the picture was taken (e.g., you can use pictures from 1980);

4)  All uploads have to contain the “heritage id number” (the unique identifier);
5) You need to allow us to know your e-mail adress by checking the preferences in your profile settings


1) Find out what you want to take picture of

Some of the monuments might be close to your location, some of them are far or hardly reachable. However, there are several thousand of them. Many in the big cities, many in the countryside. Find out what is close to you or in the place you will spend some free time.

Click here to find out where monuments are!

2) Take photos

Tips for making good ones:
– Set the camera to the highest resolution.- Take more than one photo per monument. Later you can choose the best ones, or upload them all if they all came out well.

– Keep track of the monument numbers, you will need these identifiers when you upload. We recommend you make a list of numbers beforehand, though it is possible to look these numbers up afterwards.

– If you make a detail photograph, such as photo of a tower or a doorway, make a photograph of the whole object also for the context.
Note: if you want to take photographs inside, ask permission first from the person in charge of the premises.

3) Upload photographs
In order to participate in the contest, you need an account on Wikimedia Commons. You have never made an account on Wikimedia or Wikipedia before? Click here to make an account. Don’t forget to fill in a working email address, or we can’t contact you if win!
Step 1: Log on to Wikimedia Commons with this link.
Step 2: Go to the special “Wiki Loves Monuments” upload form.
Step 3: Fill in the fields: original filename (usually a number generated by your camera), desired filename (a short name for the photo) and the official monument number.
Step 4: Click upload.
Are you unable to upload using Wikimedia Commons? Try using our “Wiki Loves Monuments” Flickr group – just add your Flickr photos to this group and they will be converted (but depending on your Flickr account, you may not be to enter high resolution photos this way).


To be updated…

Judging criteria

The following qualities will be judged:

  • Technical excellence of the photograph
  • Originality of the setting
  • Encyclopedic value for Wikipedia

The  judges will be challenged to make trade-offs between the various criteria (a photograph that is highly original may be less useful for Wikipedia, for example).


To be updated…